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McPherson Timber Floors

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Floor Care                                                                      

Cleaning Wooden Floors

  • Vacuum floors regularly with an electrostatic attachment or soft bristle head to remove sand, dirt or grit which may scratch the floor surface; 
  • Floors can be mopped with warm water and a  well wrung mop.  Do not use excess water to clean the timber surface as this may cause the timber to swell;
  • A pH neutral floor cleaner may help to remove stubborn dirt.  Do not clean a floor with household detergents or products as they can dull the floor finish.

Maintenance and Precaution Tips

  • Fit protective pads to furniture legs to reduce the risk of marking the floor;
  • Protective mats should be used for furniture with castors (including refridgerators and desk chairs);
  • Use dirt trapping mats at all exterior doors to reduce the amount of sand, dirt, grit and moisture brought inside;
  • Hall runners and rugs help collect dirt particularly in high traffic areas;
  • Pets can scratch the floor finish with long claws or nails so they must be trimmed regularly;
  • High heel shoes can dent timber floors.  Care should  be taken to remove shoes with exposed heels or sharp points to minimise damage to floors;
  • Timber floors fade or change shade over time and exposure to sunlight will speed up this process.  Protect floors from direct sunlight with curtains or blinds.


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